NexStar™ Next Gen

NexStar 4

Auto Crane has made several enhancements to the patented, market-leading crane control system. Explore the enhancements in the tabs below and download the flyer. Demonstration videos of the new capabilities are linked below as well.

Improved ProductivityRugged RemoteRemote TroubleshootingFleet ManagementOther Crane Updates

Improved Productivity

Automated Deploy and Stow

Auto Crane has another industry first… AutoDeploy™ as well as AutoStow™ to make it faster to put your crane into use and put away after a long day. We’ve made the crane so easy to run that kids can run the crane like a veteran field mechanic.

AutoDeploy Demo

When activated, AutoDeploy automatically brings the crane out of the rest and rotates the boom around to the right side of the truck and then releases the hook

AutoStow Demo

Retract the boom and and set the traveling on the attachment attachment. Then run AutoStow to park the crane by simply squeezing the trigger.

Improved Operation

Auto Crane was the first to introduce automated speed to slow the crane when loaded when NexStar was first introduced over 10 years ago. We’ve improved on this capability.

Improvements to the control were made to the operation of the crane to both speed-up and smooth the operation. You have to run a crane to see for yourself.

Rugged Remote

We’ve designed the new remote to withstand even more punishment, keep what mechanics like, deliver what they asked for and more:

  • Field-proven ruggedness and lighter weight
    • Even lighter by as much as 70% of the weight of competitor pistol grip remotes
  • Better ergonomics for one-hand operation alleviating fatigue
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • 12 hours of use
    • Tether cable (included with crane) also charges the internal battery and cuts the wireless link when working in areas like mine sites
    • Larger color LCD with simplified interface
      • A bar graph quickly tells you how much capacity remains before an overload occurs
      • The message area tells you the status of the crane in plain text
      • Intuitive symbols make the the values stand out

  • Lower cost repairs and faster repair service
  • Docking station (included with crane) quickly charges the remote and doubles as a missing remote indicator
    • Operators can be reminded with a chime when they’ve left the remote at the job site and out of the docking station when the parking brake is disengaged (chime kit sold separately)

Field Tested

Field testing has proven the new remote is far more rugged. In one instance a remote was accidently dropped twice from over 10 feet onto concrete and the remote was not functionally damaged. We don’t recommend trying this with your remote, but you’ll be impressed with the punishment this new remote can handle.

Mechanics are complimentary of the improved ergonomics. Try the new remote for yourself and you’ll experience what others are saying.

Remote Troubleshooting

Auto Crane was the first to introduce remote troubleshooting with telematics capability. We’ve extended the capability with an alternate means of connecting with your smartphone. This is the “IoT” that everyone has been hearing about. Dealer service techs or Auto Crane can remotely access NexStar cranes in real-time using an optional Bluetooth dongle and a mechanic’s smartphone. The as-needed connection is a low-cost option for those who do not already utilize a fleet telematics solution.

  • Diagnose problems before arriving with mobile service
  • Change settings and tuning parameters
  • Update software remotely without special tool or trip

Dealers have additional access to settings and tuning parameters that can be adjusted without the need for a special service tool and laptop.

Fleet Management

Improved data logging is focused on the metrics that fleet managers want to see:

  • Crane utilization
  • Incident recording (“black box” type recording of several incidents)

Other Crane Updates

See other crane updates that have been made such as the open load hook attachment.

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