Outriggers and Stabilizers

Auto Crane offers a full line of outriggers, stabilizers (jack stands) for cranes ranging from a 10,000 to 85,000 ft-lb rating. Hydraulic and manual-powered as well as crane interlock options are available.

  • 10,000 ft-lb: 16”, 20”, 20″ Heavy-Duty, 24″ and 27″ Long Jacklegs
  • 16,000 ft-lb
  • 38,000 ft-lb
  • 49,000 ft-lb
  • 50,000 ft-lb
  • 60,000 ft-lb
  • 85,000 ft-lb


What Makes Auto Crane Outriggers Better?titan-frame

We have designed our outriggers with the body and crane to compliment one another and increase the overall rigidity of the truck. Key features include:

  • Only rear outriggers to deploy (faster setup is more productivity)
  • Lighter weight without front outriggers (more payload)
  • Stability with 100% capacity all around the lift zone with just the one set of outriggers
    • Allows you to set the load down on the side of the truck to perform work

The competition de-rates the lift capacity off the side of the truck as much as 30%!


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