Vanair Reliant™ RS85

Auto Crane offers a custom up-rated version of the Vanair Reliant RS85 rotary screw compressor with a larger hydraulic oil cooler to meet the most demanding field use. This compressor will adequately cool the hydraulic oil on the hottest days giving mechanics continuous crane and compressor operation. There is no need to add an auxiliary cooler.

The Reliant RS85 provides the air power you need to get you in and out of your job site fast. Built to meet the challenges of harsh environments, the rugged Reliant RS85 provides 60-85 CFM of air-on-demand at 100% duty-cycle. Ideally suited for 1” impact wrenches and 90 lb jack hammers, the durable and dependable Reliant RS85 comes with a lifetime warranty on its air end.
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  • Performance: 60-85 cfm with up to 150 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 ̊F to + 125 ̊F
  • Gauges: Pressure, Hour and Temperature
  • Lifetime Warranty (air end), Made in the USA

Please reference the available literature on the Vanair Reliant RC40-L product page

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