The Power of NexStar III

NexStar means full control, at full power, for every function — from top speed to precise load control

Field-proven NexStar delivers more operational control.

  • 100% proportional, pressure-sensitive push-button speed control in all crane functions
  • Execute one or multiple functions at the same time, with 100% power, from crawl to full speed

NexStar III Remote (3)

NexStar keeps operators safer and better informed

  • Auto Crane introduced the tri-axis boom and truck chassis angle sensors to automatically slow the crane on steep grades. When the grade exceeds 15% the crane prevents operation
  • Automatic crane limiting at 100% rated capacity (while still allowing boom up, boom retraction and lowering the load), ensuring the safety of people, equipment and loads*
  • NexStar LCD screen displays load/crane messages in clear text — no codes, no guesswork about boom pressure, angle, capacity, battery status, load alerts and more — keeps mechanics productive in the field
  • LED boom-mounted indicator/warning light provides added in-operation load handling awareness
  • Stow-able transmitter prevents unauthorized crane use when not in service

*Standard safety feature of all Auto Crane service cranes

  • 100% proportional control
  • Full-featured proportional trigger or joysticks is IP66 rated and CE certified (up to 100 hours crane operation on four AA batteries)
  • Receiver with large-format LCD diagnostic/status message screen
  • Integrated hydraulic valve bank
  • Boom-mounted LED crane status light
  • Tri-axis boom/truck level crane load management sensors
  • Optional tether for remote control
  • Use with: HC-5, HC-6, HC-7, HC-7x, HC-8, HC-8x, HC-9, HC-10, HC-12S, HC-12 and HC-14