Titan® Advantage

Titan — the first name in crane and service bodies made to last.titan-body-highlights

Titan crane and service truck bodies live up to the Auto Crane reputation for durable productivity. Rely on the field-proven, patented Titan work truck body to take on the most punishing assignments.

The innovative Titan is not only engineered to easily handle the most rugged off-road routes, but is also made for enhanced performance and functionality to help operators accomplish the mission more safely, quickly and efficiently. From body-stress reducing rounded corners to the integrated crane box, Titan crane bodies set the standard.

Strength. Reliability. Durability. Titan service crane bodies — engineered for the way you work, for years to come.

Titan Crane Body Advantages

The Titan Advantage: Comparison of Crane Body Features
Feature Titan Brand A Brand B Brand C
One-piece Side
Radius Corners
Gas Shocks
Internal Hinges
100% Stability
10Ga Exterior and Doors
Large Grab Handles
LED S/T/T and Backup
Standard Warranty 2-year 1-year


36,000 miles

“Rust-Through” Warranty 5-year 5-year 6-year 5-year

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