Titan® Truck Bodies

 titan-body-highlightsDiscover the Titan Advantage

Fleet managers and mechanics agree that Auto Crane Titan bodies stand up to the most rigorous daily demands of safety, reliability, utility, efficiency and longevity. In fact, the innovative Titan crane body is engineered to out-last and out-work any truck it’s mounted on. When paired with an Auto Crane service crane with the NexStar® crane management system, Titan bodies form the safest, strongest system out there. Confidently handle your load with our versatile Titan crane body capacities range from 16,000 to 85,000 ft-lb, and Auto Crane lifting options from 2,000 to 14,000 lb. Titan is the field-proven choice for the challenges you face every day.

Titan Connect™ and Power On Demand™

Check out Auto Crane’s new electrical system, Titan Connect™, and the money-saving Power On Demand™ option.


Mechanic Trucks


Lube Trucks and Skids

Propane Service

Service Trucks


Welder Trucks





Chassis-Body-Crane Selection

FordF-350314,000Titan 16xxxTitan 16FordF-350
F-450414,000Titan 16xxxTitan 16F-450
F-550519,500Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 38F-550
F-600622,000Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 38F-600
F-650626,000Titan 60xxxxTitan 60F-650
F-750733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85F-750
RAM3500314,000Titan 16xxxTitan 16RAM3500
4500416,500Titan 38xxxxTitan 384500
5500519,500Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 385500
Chevy3500 HD314,000Titan 16xxxTitan 16Chevy3500 HD
4500 HD416,500Titan 16xxxxxTitan 164500 HD
5500 HD519,500Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 385500 HD
6500 HD623,500Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 386500 HD
KenworthT180519,000Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 38KenworthT180
T280626,000Titan 60xxxxTitan 60T280
T380733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85T380
Peterbilt535519,500Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 38Peterbilt535
536626,000Titan 60xxxxTitan 60536
537733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85537
FreightlinerM2 106626,000Titan 60xxxxTitan 60FreightlinerM2 106
733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85
eM2626,000Titan 60xxxxTitan 60eM2
733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85
InternationalCV416,000Titan 16xxxTitan 16InternationalCV
CV/CV515523,000Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 38CV/CV515
MV626,000Titan 60xxxxTitan 60MV
733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85
Hino155/155DC414,500Titan 16xxxTitan 16Hino155/155DC
195/195DC519,500Titan 38xxxxxxTitan 38195/195DC
195h/195hDC519,500Titan 38xxxxxTitan 38195h/195hDC
238523,000Titan 38xxxTitan 38238
258LP/258ALP625,950Titan 60xxxxTitan 60258LP/258ALP
268/268A625,950Titan 60xxxxTitan 60268/268A
338733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85338
XL7733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85XL7
XL7733,000Titan 85xxTitan 85XL7

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