True Cost of Down Time for your Fleet

Innovation by Auto Crane

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Whether it’s the industry leading  • NEXSTAR CRANE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Click for FREE PDF Download) or,
our newly released • MAN-BASKET or, the impenetrable • TITAN ARMOR (Click for FREE PDF Download) or, cutting-edge telematics with • NEXSTAR CONNECT (Click for FREE PDF Download) — each and every feature of our trucks work seamlessly together and provide the absolute BEST equipment for your fleet.


You don’t want down-time…you want Auto Crane’s Work-Ready Trucks and if you think “down time” is just a term for upper management or the accountants, play with the “Cost of Down Time Calculator” below and you’ll see the real cost of “down time”.

(input your numbers into the right columns to see results)

We know that your business is important. We know that you value your time. That’s why Auto Crane has focused on making the best mechanic’s truck in the industry to make sure that your fleet has the most reliable and versatile equipment in the field.

Innovation by Auto Crane